About us

Committed to Quality Customer Service

With a background in Real Estate Property Management and previous experience in both domestic and commercial cleaning Riverina Professional Cleaning Services has been established with some over-arching customer service principles.  They are to provide an excellent cleaning service to our clients and to ensure that at the end of every job our customers are left feeling like they have received maximum value for their cleaning dollar.  We strive to actively listen to the needs of our clients and give just that little bit more that will, hopefully have them sharing our name with their friends, family and business associates.  

We source and use environmentally friendly cleaning products wherever possible.  This is important to us and we see it as a point of difference to our competitors that we consider our environment and the health of our clients when choosing the products we use to clean their homes and businesses.

We use a comprehensive checklist on each job that makes the service we provide quantifiable at a glance and are happy to discuss any other cleaning needs outside of our normal services. If a customer needs a service we can't provide we are happy to source for our clients service providers who can.  We are a full service cleaning company with a focus on full customer satisfaction.


Below are just some of our happy customers